A Cat Saying Woof to a Dog

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Graham Phillips said...

If I disagree with you
Immediately I cannot be like you
I cant really have a dialogue
Suppose a dog was talking to a cat
What would it say?
A dog has only one word
The cat doesn't say woof back
He has only one word meaw.
So how can they communicate?
At a very basic level,
I can talk to you
or I can listen to you
If I’m listening to you, what is my
reason for disagreeing with you.
Suppose a man walks into a bar
Sees his friend
Says hello eventually they start talking
Sharing their opinions, if they have different
Opinions how can they even talk.
If you have a different opinion from me, how;
Immediately you cant listen to me.
You become stupid, and so do I
It is like a dog saying woof to a cat.
If I say, the sky is black, and then
I pause
“the sky is black”
Of course you refute it, you say
- “no the sky is blue”
but if I don’t have the chance to
say that its night time
we end up discussing the colour of the sky
without both at that moment putting our hear out of the window and saying, Oh! Look.
Why do we spend so long talking thinking we can acquire knowledge.
Because of the process of dialogue,
How does dialogue work.
I become you
I say woof back
I recognize that it is not possible
For me to say something different.