You Can't See a shadow When the Suns in Your Face


Charlie Pastor said...

Great peace

Anonymous said...

Waaw mind blowing snap...great work..
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Penelope Rose Artist said...

Dear Mr. Phillips

I've put this on my blog page. I will be posting more of her work and Ideas. Although it probably did not sound like I am spiritual in my last comment (on form) well I am. Maria Schindler's words here explain my view better than I ever could. She published this book in 1946. Her words inspire me immensely. I will find words on form for and points to discuss if you interested. I hope you follow my blog as I will yours. I believe this is a better place to have these discussion rather than the school play ground.

Maria Schindler's Book: Towards a new Culture 'Pure Colour' Goethe's Theory of Colour. New Culture Publications London. 1946

The book is rare, extremely interesting and very much ahead of its time.

Here is a paragraph from page 9. Line 9-22

'The general cultural life of mankind arises through the individual work of geniuses-whether they express themselves through poetry, drama, philosophy, or any of the arts and sciences. They are beacons of light ; their fire kindles lesser fires. They are Timeless, and no national barriers can limit their universal beneficence. History records again and again what sacrifices have been made to rescue and preserve those that were in danger of being forgotten. Such efforts witness to the eternal spiritual bond which unites all peoples and races in their aspiration towards Truth, Beauty and Goodness. In the years to come we shall still need them all, for the rebuilding of our faith in the reality of human progress'

These are Maria Schindler's words. I will a write a little more each day from selected passages. I will also post her pictures, advice and techniques. This is a very special book it has inspired and answered a lot questions. Considering she wrote this book in 1946 I find that she is a lady of our time!

Henry Ryder said...

Loving this piece Grah! Zebratasm