‘Dependence of Form’ and ‘Dependence on Form’

It depends on form to be definable,
Its definability requires some form.
Without form it still remains dependent on form.
Form is forming and somehow the dependence is
less acute.
In both cases there is no requirement,
But does the requirement for a thought
Defining it, require the appearance of form?

If something has no form is it something that one cannot explain, it can be described but only in a pointing sort of way. But this explaining in a “pointing sort of way” means that it has some sort of form. So in terms of thought there is a requirement for some form, but independently this requirement doesn’t exist. With the knowledge of the grasping nature of thought, which is our dependence on form, we can see the process or origin of the dependence of form, on us giving it content (even if there is none!)


Anonymous said...

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Penelope Rose Artist said...

What you said here has struck accord with me. The essence of form is perhaps found in the cognitive workings of our minds, individually and collectively with other humans; we become agreeable in our recognition of the possibilities of form that is around us, only when we look upon it. It has been observed in quantum experiments that matter exists in a certain form only when it is observed. The matter is therefore observed from agreeable collective of perceptions. Conditioned from childhood onwards with the agreeable perceptions of our elders and the collective society of perceiving mammals etc. It is perhaps an honorable aim as an artist to question the 'form' in an objective manner that is open to all possibilities. Then to create our chosen interpretation using perceptions skills that go far beyond our collective conditioned idea. Idea is the form of cognitive networks and chemicals producing a response.
The grey matter of our mind physically changes due to objective choice. New networks are formed and new chemical responses. This kind of exploration excites me and I consider the nature of form and thought many times throughout the day every day. Graham I like your work very much and your words. Your work is an honest open response to a world in which all infinite possibilities of matter exist at every moment, we have soooo much work to do. In my work I try to interpret the 'thought form' of the cognitive networks, to feel it, then respond. In order to give an illustrative depiction the physical thought form felt by the biology of our body through chemical response to that thought. Bit of a loop to try and create work. Not surprisingly it done my head in. After two years of doing this, I've gone back to the figure to calm down the craziness of the idea and evolve and merge slowly. My idea revolves around the natural law of 'Phi' (perhaps another element to our condition?) and my question- can we escape it's constraints and observe the world and all form in all of its possibilities through objective choice from our own central perception center/point. I have much to say this matter. There is no right or answers only tendencies of the chosen ideas at that moment.. Discuss?

Penelope Rose Artist said...

I hope we do chat here. As I will be very interested in your views. I 'state' many things but of course nothing I say is true, it's only a point of view. I'm humbled by words, they are not enough. Thank goodness for art!

Graham Phillips said...

I'm not sure I understand what your point of view is, that is your using words and phrases that i dont know the meaning of. like:,"we become agreeable in our recognition,to question the 'form' in an objective manner, objective choice,the physical thought form felt by the biology of our body through chemical response to that thought, and, the natural law of 'Phi'."

They sound like interesting ideas and i would love you to carify them. You said that your idea revolves around "the natural law of 'Phi'". so maybe you could explain that one to me first.

you said that you consider the nature of form and thought every day, so i would like to know your conclusions, rather that just the fact you consider it. Because i don't know what it is you are considering, which means it is not possible to discuss in any coherent way.

I hope i havent been too blut but i feel it is nessesary.